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Aesthetic medicine is a field of medicine that originated as an answer to the needs of a contemporary man. With advance civilization, technology and science we live better lives but we also want to preserve our health, shape and aesthetic looks for much longer. Blue Butterfly Medical SPA & Wellness, with its offer of state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine treatments, helps our clients make their dreams of never-ending youth come true and solves typical problems such as: overweight, cellulite, skin defects – discoloration, scras, widened vessels or wrinkles.

Proffesional equipment consisting of state-of-the-art solutions in aesthetic medicine, experienced team of highly-qualified specialists, combined with the feeling of safety, involvement and care, allow you to enjoy a dedicated treatment offer. We offer a wide range of treatments from dermatology and cosmetology, using the best preparations available.

A rich offer of treatments performed by experiences cosmetologists and aesthetic medicine specialists at BLUE BUTTERFLY MEDICAL SPA includes:

  • INTRALIPOTHERAPY. Permanent removal of fat tissue cells. The treatment consists in applying Aqualyx- sodium deoxycholate directly into fat tissue, which leads to irreversible destruction of fat cells. The method is practically non-invasive and the whole treatment painless. The INTRALIPOTHERAPY technique is the safest way of getting rid of excess fat tissue and may suport cellulite treatment. It helps reduce our measurements by a few centimeters.
  • BOTULIN TOXIN (Botox, Bocouture) Botox effects are quick and certain, in most cases it causes complete removal of wrinkles. The treatment guarantees full satisfaction and significantly improves looks. What is more, it only takes several minutes and is practically painless. A person undergoing this treatment may return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment. Botox treatments may be combined with other methods of face lifting.
    • Mezobotox is an innovative method giving surprisingly good results. Mezobotox combines hyaluric acid mezotherapy with botulin toxin.
    • Excess perspiration treatment - Spectacular effects of the treatment. Applied Botox blocks hidradenomas in a selected part of the body and blocks perspiration.


  • FIXER natural alternative to Botox. Totally non-toxic, natural method reducing deep wrinkles by stretching, spreading, stimulating fibrocytes and skin nutrition. One of preparation elements is an extract from OCRA, used in South America in ancient times.


  • HYALURONIC ACID. It is a natural element of human body. Its vital feature is absorption of great amounts of water. The method using hyaluronic acid is a totally natural method of filling wrinkles, folds and furrows. The treatment does not require any preparations, while its effects are immediately observed.
    • Enlarging and correcting lip contours. Hyaluronic acid is ideal for correcting the shape and size of lips and for leveling off the disproportions between upper and lower lips. The lips look more expressive, better moisturized and younger, while preserving their colour.
    • Restoring the volume of face outline. The treatment helps regain the firmness and volume of face outlines of cheek bones, cheeks, chin and mandible areas. The youth effect is long-lasting – it usually stays for 18 months or even longer.
  • COSMELAN The most effective whitening treatment available on the global market. Its effectiveness is 99%. This extremely effective treatment of hormonal background both restores balance to fat and mixed skin and makes it younger. The treatment can be performed at any season, it stimulates restoration of collagen and evens skin colour and is appropriate for each phototype of skin.
  • Dermamelan is an ideal method for brightening small and specific stains, such as freckles, pigmented moles, after-sunbathing and after-inflammation discolorations. It keeps the epiderm barrier and protects against harmful UV. Darmamelan elements visibly rejuvenate the skin, restoring its shine and healthy look.
  • ANTI-CELLULITE and HEAD SKIN MEZOTHERAPY. The treatment consists in applying substances stimulating fat tissue burn, which are both stimulating and draining. The method is effective with both focal and genral changes and has detoxicating and smoothening properties. Thanks to this method skin remains stretched, that is firm and much more elastic. Mezotherapy of head skin successfully counteracts progressing loss of hair and has preventive properties. The preparations applied in it contain, among other elements, amino acids, zinc, vitamins, and MINOKSYDIL and directly stimulate the growth of hair follicle cells.
  • MEZOTHERAPY of face – areas of eyes, neckline, hands and other areas. It is a highly effective method consisting in applying medical substances directly inside the skin. Used for many years, it is a safe and checked method, with practically no side effects recorded. Thanks to this method we can improve the skin condition, its stretching, moisturizing, shallowing existing wrinkles and obtaining uniform colour. It also prevents aging processes. Applied substances have strong antioxidant effects, stimulate fibroblasts to rebuild hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.
  • RADIESSE reduction of wrinkles by increasing skin volume. RADIESSE preparation instantly gives volume to skin and reduces signs of aging. The activity of preparation is unique, as it creates and rebuilds the structure under the skin, and stimulates production of natural collagen. RADIESSE is a natural product giving both immediate and long-lasting effects, on the basis of neogenesis of own collagen. RADIESSE is ideal for those who love the sun and visits to the solarium. It can be used jointly with botulin toxin and hyaluronic acid treatments.
  • CLOSING VESSELS – LASER QUADRO STAR. Currently it is the most effective method. Used in treatment of spider veins, flat angiomas and telangiectasias. Laser’s green light is highly absorbed by haemoglobin in red blood cells, which closes the vessels.

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