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INFUSION™ NON-INVASIVE MEZOTHERAPY- State-of-the-art appliance for non-invasive, deep injection of preparations. It is an effective and painless alternative to traditional mezotherapy treatments

PRISTINE- The most technologically advanced appliance for diamond microdermabrasion. Dedicated both to cosmetic microdermabrasion treatments and to medical abrasion using special medical heads. Produced by the global brand VIORA Ltd.

TRIOS™ the latest generation appliance for photodepilation, photo-rejuvenation treatments, removing acne and discolorings of various origins. It guarantees incredibly high effectiveness and complete safety.

REACTION™ the highest quality appliance of aesthetic medicine for advanced treatments of face, neck and body.

TRIO Ishape the most complex system for modeling body. It consists of the most advanced software available on the market.

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