Kurland cosmetics

The line of KURLAND cosmetics is one of the most desired brands of global wellness & SPA. Each preparation is developed in close cooperation with a wide group of doctors, scientists and treatment practitioners. Carefully selected products offer not only beautifying effects but also unique therapeutic properties.

Applied muds, silt, fango mud and purifying clays that detoxicate and mineralize are the basis of treatment with KURLAND products. Exceptional physical and thermal properties, high content of humic acid that prevents inflamation and alleviates pain, as well as beautifying values, account for the strength and power of offered products.

Applied clays, containing macro- and micro-elements and condensed trace elements, amaze us with their absorption properties. They absorb all toxic substances, purify skin and act as antiseptics and antibiotics at the same time.

Thanks to special oils and aromatherapy oils we can create an infinite number of aromatic combinations, ideal for every situation and every mood: refreshing aromas ranging from hot and sunny ones to winter, rainy and cool ones.

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